The Church of God

The Church of God

Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.   Acts 20:28

I would like to use the above scripture as a starting point for a series of perspectives about division in the Church of God.  Those who have grown up in the Church of God or has spent any time in a congregation of the Church of God is familiar with Acts 20:28.  This verse is used to support many ideas held by those who identify themselves as the Church of God.  I would like to focus on the aspect of the verse as it defines the job of Overseers to the Church. 

I am aware that this singular verse does not give an exhaustive job description for overseers in God’s Church.  However, we can focus on the command that the Apostle Paul gave to the elders from Ephesus who met him in Miletus.  That command to overseers is to feed the Church of God.  The volume of New Testament informs the readers that the Word of God is food for the Church of God.  The Overseers of the Church are to make the Word of God plain or understandable to the Church.  The current state of divisions and separations make it impossible for the Overseers to fulfill this mission.  The main reason is that over time many overseers have developed a very narrow idea of what the true church is. 

Anytime humans define the church in terms that are narrower than the ones that God has given us, division will be the result.  Once these same humans recognize a certain group of believers to be the real church and recognize everyone else as being in a state of apostasy, some of the sheep that should be fed the word of God will fall out of and away from the influence of the overseer accepting the separation of God’s people.  Personally, I am amazed how most overseers in the Church of God will affirm that the body of Christ is one.  Yet, they will cut off parts of that body without demonstrating real grief as one would grieve over the separation of a physical leg, arm or any other part of the body.  As overseers, if we are going to obey the command to feed the Church of God, we must find a way to do a surgical separation when it is demanded by the scripture without cutting off sheep that are still part of the body in the sight of God. 

My next perspectives will go into more details for us to consider how to obey all of the scriptures without breaking scriptures so as overseers we can feed all of the Church of God.