The Seem Right Way

The Seem Right Way

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. [1] (Proverbs 14:12)

 There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death. [2] (Proverbs 14:12)

This scripture comes to mind when I think about the two major political parties in the United States and the generally accepted idea that one party is more godlike than the other.  My perspective is both parties are equally ungodly when the Bible is used as the standard of godliness.  Neither party deserves the unfaltering loyalty of those who express a hope in the risen Christ.  If you find what I have said so far offensive, now would be a good time to stop reading.  However, if you are interested in how I come to a conclusion that the Republican Party and its representatives are superior to the Democratic Party and its representatives, keep reading. 

To understand how I have arrived at my conclusion, it is necessary to understand how I see the words conservative and liberal.  My understanding of what constitutes a Liberal and what constitutes a Conservative is based on my observation of what the masses of people believe the way conservatism and Liberalism is currently practiced in the United States.  If I consider myself a conservative, a Liberal is anyone that does not see issues the way I see them.  If I consider myself a Liberal, a conservative is anyone that was caught in a time warp and cling to ideas that are from an era bygone.  The acceptance of these definitions as true makes it possible for people to throw out ideas without explaining them and people automatically assume they know what the words mean.  Unfortunately, the terms conservative and liberals are ways to keep people looking at one another with suspicion so they cannot come together for their common good, while the leaders within these two ideologies practice true conservatism or true liberalism which seem to benefit a small minority in this country.  Because the Republican Party is usually portrayed as the party that is true to traditional family values and Christian values, the rest of this perspective will focus on the myths behind the Republican Party.  The so-called same sex marriage and abortion are two of the issues I would like to explore to show the Republican Party is not significantly different on these issues than the Democratic Party.

When it comes to abortion, Republicans avoid the issues really associated with abortion by saying they are pro-life.  The word pro-life is a code that implies opposition to abortion.  However, a careful consideration of recent events will reveal that pro-life is not the same as anti-abortion in the same manner that pro-choice is not the same as believing in abortion without any restrictions.  All one has to do is thing about the stand that Senator Akins from Missouri took during the 2012 election.  When Senator Akins took an anti-abortion stand while campaigning for his job, many of his pro-life leaders in the Republican Party asked him to drop out of the Senate race so he could be replaced by another pro-life Republican.  This lets me know that pro-life and anti-abortion are not the same thing.  For decades, the Republican Party received undeserved support from Christians because they implied pro-life meant anti-abortion. 

If the Akins example is not enough, let’s go back to the mid-seventies when abortion became the law of the land in the Roe vs. Wade case.  Republicans refuse to take responsibility for the fact that if the justices who were elevated to their jobs by Republican Presidents had voted along an anti-abortion stance, Roe would have been defeated and abortion would still be illegal in this land.  Furthermore, it was Republican appointed justices that sided in the majority to vote against the only other abortion case that went to the Supreme Court since Roe.  The Supreme Court struck down a Pennsylvania law that would have overturned Roe and made abortion illegal in the United States.  Yet, we are told we must vote for Republican presidents, without regard to who they are, so they can appoint Republican justices on the Supreme Court to overthrown Roe and make abortion illegal again.  With all of the Republican controlled legislators and Republican Governors in the land, not one of them can come up with a law that will go to the Supreme Court that will overthrow Roe.  I am not saying I will never vote Republican.  What I am saying is I will not vote for a Republican simply because he says he is pro-life.  Since Republicans helped to make abortion legal in this land, I do not accept the thought that voting for a Democrat is the same as voting for abortion and so-called same sex marriage.  I believe in listening to what politicians have to say about what they understand pro-choice and pro-life means.

If we look at the topic of so-called same-sex marriage, we will find the same thing has happened on that topic as what happened with abortion.  Only a few years ago, the majority of Americans did not believe in so called same-sex marriage.  (From a Christian perspective, it is not possible for people of the same sex to marry.  Laws to make marriage between people of the same sex legal are futile.  After the licenses are purchased and the ceremonies are performed, people of the same sex are not married in the sight of God.)  Back in the nineties, the Democratic President Bill Clinton led a movement to pass the Defense of Marriage Act.  This Act defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  Yet, when, in defiance to this act, people of the same sex went through the motions of getting marriage, a Republican President refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and put a stop to the so-called marriages.  Instead, he would try to pass an amendment to the constitution to prevent the so-called marriages.  Many people in the Christian community thought this was the way to go.  However, some Christians were not fooled.  Even casual observers of politics in this country knew there were not enough votes for an amendment to pass.  The President was doing the usual Republican window dressing to make it seem he was against marriage between people of the same sex.  Republicans continued to show their real position on moral issues when they refused to support a Democratic President that came into office in opposition to so-called same-sex marriage.  For three years the President stood against same-sex marriage without support from his base and opposition from the Republican Party.  When the President caved in support of same-sex marriage, Republicans immediately began to use this as evidence for why Christians commit sin when they vote for Democrats.



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