Prayer List


                                                               NOV 19,  2017

Request saints  continued prayers  for Bro Raines with the affliction he has in his body,   Remember Sis Hardin as well asking that  the Lord  bless her in her affliction.  

Pray for Sis Norma Jean and family, remember them all in body and soul, pray also for Rodney remember him in his attempt for release.

Bro Willis request saints prayers for his brother Wendell who struggles with the spirit of dependency,  Bro Willis also ask saints to remember all his unsaved love ones. Remember also a former co-worker of my wife name Rachael who lost her mother; remember them during this time of bereavement.

Sis Catherine would like for the saints to remember her brother in prayer; remember him in body and soul.

Bro Davenport request prayer for a Pat Mitchell's niece suffering with a tumor.

Sis Janet request saints prayers for Sis Smith as she has been admitted into the hospital for her legs, also pray for family that they may accept Christ in their lives.

Bro Craig would like the saints to pray for his friend Kiriath and her new baby girl Kalena, pray for her entire family. 

Ask saints to remember our visitor Sis Tammy request for strength as she travels this new path in life, also remember a friend of hers with an addiction issue.

Asking saints to remember to Fast and Pray on Tuesday for Saints Family and Friends.

Remember all saints with an unspoken request before the Lord.