Prayer List


                                                               SEPT 17,  2017

Request saints  continued prayers  for Raines Family as Sis Raines has transitioned;  pray for the family during this time of bereavement.  Remember Sis Hardin as well asking that  the Lord  bless her in her affliction.  

Pray for all the students, teachers, administrators and support staff as schools resumes.

Bro George request saints prayers for Sis Cook that she can make it out to the revival and remember her in body and soul.

Pray for Sis Norma Jean and family, pray also for Bro Rodney as he sends his love to the saints.

Pray for Sis Catherine's brother Gerald, pray for his health  also for her niece as she was shot in the leg on Saturday night.

Sis Pam request saints prayers for Bro. Aurelius who is home not feeling well; she also thanks the saints for their prayers as she was ill for a couple weeks.

Bro McReynolds request saints prayers for his cousin who is suffering with a heart issue.

Craig ask saints to pray for his fried Kayla, who is seeking to be saved.

Sis Peterson request saints prayers for her daughter.

Sis Debra Smith request saints prayers as she is dealing with a relative suffering with serious health issues where the doctors have not given much hope for his survival.

Asking saints to remember Sis Electra Johnson who is in the hospital this morning, remember Sis Gwen who is tending to her mom in the hospital. 

Bro Willis request saints prayers for his unsaved love ones, asking the Lord convict their hearts to totally turn their lives to Jesus, asking saints prayers for he and his wife as they will be out of town on vacation. Asking also for saints prayers for his grandson Darrius as he is dealing with some life issues. 

 Asking saints to remember to Fast and Pray on Tuesday for Saints Family and Friends.

Remember all saints with an unspoken request before the Lord.